One of the problems with many Internet radio stations is that a built-in player for one may not work the same on another, and different browser programs will work with some players but not others. We recommend GOOGLE's CHROME for a web browser as its smaller, faster, and less likely for trouble than Microsoft's INTERNET EXPLORER.  Another good browser alternative we use and suggest is Mozilla's FIREFOX.  Our tech staff suggests you have at least two of the three listed, so if one acts up you can try the other.  

   Our default music player on the LISTEN page works well on most folks on PCs and many smartphones and tablets.  Please note you may have to tap the PLAY button to start the player on some tablets and smartphones as they do not follow the AUTOPLAY command we send. To help those who may not find this player working for them, we keep an older player (Based on Adobe FLASH) on the site at the ABOUT US page (from the HOME menu in the drop down box click on ABOUT US) and also on the LISTEN page we have the older style list of last songs played and a plain HTML5 type player - which should work on many newer browsers.  If you can't get those going, your computer may not be setup for streaming music. You can also try WINAMP, REALPLAYER, WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER and Apple's QUICKTIME - all these are available from small icons on the bottom of the first player on the home page.

   Once you are listening - you can go to FACEBOOK or POGO to do other things while you listen - just click on the GOTOFB or GOTOPOGO links on the main menu bar near the top of the screen.  It will open the other site in a new window, leaving us playing in the background while you go do POGO, FACEBOOK or check your EMAIL, etc.

    If you have a pop-up blocker working on your system at the moment, our popup player may get blocked and not show up. Be sure to say its ok for a popup here and all will go fine. and you might get a warning about running a script on this webpage from your security software. This is one of those places you should be able to trust - we watch constantly for any virus, spyware, or pests and will do our best to help be sure you do not get any from us. If you have some already or get some later, ask our technical staff and they might help a bit for free - or a slight donation to the station - time permitting.

You can CLICK HERE to try God's Station Popup Player or press the button above. 

If you have trouble still after trying these, please feel free to contact the DJ on the air, or leave a comment on our CONTACT page and we will be glad to get back to you and help as best we can.

God Bless - Hope to see you listening soon!


DJ Nick

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