We are getting close to celebrating our fourth anniversary here on God's Station and want to let you know how much we appreciate your comments, prayer help and support. We took what was to be a gift for someone else and when it was not needed, with God's help we turned it into a blessing for ourselves and others too.  We have met and cherish so many people in the years and look forward to continuing to be a blessing to others as long as the Lord allows.  God opens up so many ways for us to be blessed in helping others - and when we look up from doing that we find how much of a blessing it was to us as well.  

    Again we wish to thank you all for your prayers and love.  We pray we will continue to be an inspiration and help to others and that the word will spread to help even more people in the coming year.  Watch here for more to come and some special programming with both DJ Nicki and DJ Nick helping out on Tuesday July 11th - our 4th year anniversary!


Welcome To God's Station

We are an online non-profit Christian Internet Radio Station.
The staff & DJ's are volunteers who care enough to share their time and love with those who join us on the chat and/or listening.   We play a wide variety of music, You may hear most any type of Gospel from old faithful hymns from the 8th century (now that is really an "oldie"!) to modern contemporary Gospel and Christian music.  We also play some secular music much of the week alongside the great Christian music - from big band tunes from last century to more modern sounds. We try to not play excessively loud or nasty music so please don't request it.  Come join us - we will brighten your day, pray with you, and might broaden your musical horizons. Please give us a try. God Bless you and thanks for stopping by!

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