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  Spread the word?  Share the Word!

God's Word of course - and the happy fellowship from our music ministry here on God's Station.  Tell your family, friends, the mailman, that cute kid at the grocery store, and old what's his name where you get your gas. They will listen and hopefully tell their friends too!

 Tell everyone.  Free music that can set you free!   Well at least we know we can make your day a bit brighter and help keep your mind on good things with our music.

  No commercials - and not too much talk - just good music and quite a variety of music too.  We often get messages from folks who listen who tell us how they were lifted by just the right song that came at just the right time.  We would love to take credit for that.. but we can not, Much of our music is selected by a random choice computer program - but it is obvious to us that God can and does often influence the programs to play just the right song.  Thank you Lord!  

Back to the subject here, and that is "SPREAD THE WORD" - and we ask that you do that - let people know - they don't half to pay, they won't get commercials, and they can get good music and blessings. Best deal you will find I bet and you don't need any coupons to get it - and its not a limited time trial offer either.  So tell those you know, share us on facebook if you are a facebook user, or just email your friends and tell them about us.  Be a helper and volunteer to SPREAD THE WORD about - you will be glad you did!


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