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God's Station - Appeal for Help
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Dear Friends, 
Those who know us and know we are studying to become ministers, we need your help.  We are posting this here to ask you because God knows your hearts and has put the idea of getting help here in our hearts. 
We want you to know of our progress and to ask you to keep us in your prayers.
We have great grades in our online classes that we started January 1st 2016. We hope to receive our first ordination by the end of the year.  While the classes have been free, we do need money for our Ordination Certificates, plus Alliance Registration, the Minister Cards, and Parking Cards.  If you are able and feel led to help us we sure could use your help. Any donations you can make to us to help us become ministers would be greatly appriciated! We find with our current social security income and existing bills that we need your support. 
If you are able to help in any amount we would be thankful and grateful, and if the total we receive is more than the needed amount we will donate it toward the school so that others can benefit also. They are using such donations to help keep the school free and any costs low - especially to 3rd world countries. 

If you are interested in the school, go to and take a look.  There is no charge for most classes, and you can go at your own pace. They are recognized by well known organizations such as Moody Bible College and others.  
Their main goal is to get more people evangelizing as soon as possible. Whether you want to become a minister, or just be more familiar with the Bible, they have classes which can help you be more helpful in your own Church and life. 
We pray anytime, for anyone who needs prayer, or knows someone who does.  We will lead people to Christ as we minister in and to our church, and help here on the station with our radio ministry.  We will knock on doors to get as many followers of Christ before our Savior comes back in all HIS Glory!  The end times are very near according to theologists that have studied this topic for a very long time.  
God will Bless you mightily for anything you can send to help us with our fee for the Ordinations.  We will be Ministers of the Gospel.  We will serve as Ministers that perform wedding services, Funerals, Baptism, and Communion, and most importantly bring those who feel lost to be in the family of God and to know Jesus as their saviour. 
Thank you for taking time to read this, and God Bless you, we are praying for this, from those who can and will afford it, thank you.
Love in Christ, 
Mike and Donna Nichols DJ Nick and Nicki

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