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God's Station - 30 Days In The Hospital
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Thank God for good computer automation as I spent 30 days in the hospital, then 21 days more going in to the local smaller hospital each morning for IV antibiotics and we only had a few minor glitches on the station which did its best to carry on.  Perhaps the Spirit helped - as we have had many emails saying we "just played the perfect song for the situation I was in" and our system randomly plays the music we load up.  I have no doubt that God can put the right songs on as needed for the people who are listening, so perhaps He helped keep things going.  Praise to God for all blessings!

   I continue to get better and owe my life to good prayer, good doctors and a wife who stayed by my side all but a few hours of the 30 days.  

   As to glitches, some folks may have noticed that the music player was playing the same music as our OLDIES station - by mistake. If that happens you should be able to click on the LISTEN link in the top menu and scroll down to the old player which works well for most computers but not so much for tablets or smartphones.  I will see if I can fix this soon.  Also we saw a report that Firefox did not want to play the music stream at all.. this is likely a situation where a firewall or antivirus program is stopping that particular signal port.  Please let us know if you have any problems listening and we will do everything we can to help. 

   Thanks again to all those who did know about our absence and spread the word to pray. We appreciate you more than you may know.  For more about the illness and the expenses we are faced with please check the GO Fund me site with this link. We set up a page for donations as I had no medical insurance. The last time I was in any hospital was for two days over 35 years ago - and my Medicare starts this April - so I had taken the chance and did not have any insurance as the plans we saw were so expensive and our SS income limits us quite a bit. Getting home, being in our own bed was such a relief. I am now on a 30 day session of 2 different antibiotics twice a day by mouth. Four pills a day is so much easier than driving to the local hospital each morning from Dec 17 thru the 6th of January - especially in some of the weather we had. Anyway you look at this it was a real experience and I will write more about it later - especially to share some answered prayers that were rather amazing. God is Great! 

DJ Nick

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